In cooperation with its partners  measures / controls / visualises / documents / informs 

in all industries related to the 

Flat products industries

Bulk products industries


The company

Found in  1995

ATI selects the most appropriate technology for a given application.

The special solution is the standard.


The Industries

 The Systems are installed in:

  • production  of plastic film. 
  • Converting  of plastic and aluminium film  and paper
  • Food, chemicals- and rawmaterials

Our product range / applications:

We measure on flat products:

    • Basisweight:  dielectric,  ultrasonic, infrared   

    • Thickness:   laser-non-contacting
      inductiv, (non-) contacting

    • Moisture / Coating / Impregnation:    direct or as difference 
       NIR   or  dielectric.

    • Width, length  according to requirements.

We measure on bulk products:

    • Moisture  / Watercontent 

    • Chemical Composition, NIR, multiple constituents simultaneously. 

Special application related: 

    • Dimension control with noncontact / laser detection.

    • Comprehensive checks ,functionality check  /  laser.

We  visualise and document.

  • Measurement systems in realtime. 

  • Datarecordingt, documentation, evaluation, visualization
    according to application and intentions of the operators. 


updated  24.May  2018